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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Whitby International Marathon - Photo Race Report

Whitby International Marathon Photo Race Report

Full/Ultra Marathon #48 (and four marathons in four weeks)

YTD = 755.2 K

$35 early bird registration

Start line - about 35 runners for the full marathon. Windy and overcast at start - almost wore a toque but temperature 11C

K markers on the ground. 

2 K

3 K

4 K

5 K


6 K

Water station - thank you to the volunteers who braved the winds and rain. Unfortunately e-Load was only at about 1/3 of the water stations. 

7 K

8 K

9 K

10 K

10.5 K turnaround

11 K

13 K


13 K


14 K

15 K

16 K

17 K

18 K

19 K

20 K

21 K -- course is 21.1 K repeated twice. I actually don't mind this as you know what to expect.  First 10.5 K the wind is in your face and last 10.5 K wind is to your back - which helps!!

Aargh - the hills!

The waves of Lake Ontario

Two cups of water left - for me and the last runner. Volunteers have left!

Durham Humane Society

Final 200 K on gravel - to the finish line!

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Ltd. Remember meetings in this building when I helped write mathematics textbooks over a decade ago.

Arrived home to take Bud on a walk.

Bud wearing the finisher's medal

Finisher's medal - 4th year running this marathon - 4th year the same marathon

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