Running in Year 2017 (Goal 1000 Miles)

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Last 1.5 weeks = 80.6 K

Running in the last 1.5 weeks:

* Friday, July 14 = 7 K
* Saturday, July 15 = 21.1 K
* Monday, July 17 = 8 K
* Thursday, July 20 = 10.5 K
* Friday, July 21 = 5 K
* Today = 29 K

YTD = 1130.5 K

Today 22C, cloudy, however with humidity about 28C?

Toronto Triathlon today - very busy. 

Humber River Bridge in background

Turnaround for 5 K or 10 K run.

Humber River Bridge. 

CN Tower in background - water levels remain high

Heading west 

This is cool! TORONTO.

Triathlete on the left. 

Finish line of triathlon

View of Toronto Islands - ferry still closed.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Update on last 1.5 weeks; now on holidays!

Running in the past 1.5 weeks:
* Monday, July 3 = 5 K
* Friday, July 7 = 5 K (holidays begin!)
* Saturday, July 8 = 25 K
* Monday, July 10 = 5 K
* Today = 6.5 K

YTD = 1049.9 K

Humber River Bridge

Saturday market

Nice view of downtown Toronto

Last resort - Bud needs to wear "cone" to prevent licking left leg and catching face -- hotspot needs to heal and medication not working.

Took this photo today - Berzy Park (St. Lawrence Market) - dog fountain!!!

Close up of a dog

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Reached 1000 K

26 K long run today. YTD = 1003.4 K

A chow!

Heading west on Martin Goodman Trail. Past Ontario Place. Can see Humber River Bridge. 

Humber River Bridge. Turnaround.

View of CN Tower.


The Duck!!! Day 2 of 3 at the Harbourfront. 

Lots of people taking photos with The Duck.

Harbourfront Festival. 

Wish I was a police officer... would ask the dog for driver's license and insurance.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada Day 150 birthday!!!

Happy Canada Day -- 150 years!

Wednesday = 5 K
Today = 7 K

YTD = 977.4 K

Never saw this building at this view.

The Duck! $120 K to have in Ontario for the month. Here at the Harbourfront for 3 days only. 

Celebrating Canada Day at Queen's Park with Bud. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

25K long run; signed up for St John New Brunswick marathon

Three runs this week:

* Wednesday = 5 K
* Saturday = 5 K
* Today = 25 K

YTD = 965.4 K (60% completed 1000 mile goal)

Miss running full marathons. Signed up today for the "Marathon by the Sea" on August 13 in St. John, New Brunswick. This will be full/ultra marathon #51. Looking forward to it!

Happy to wake up early in the morning for weekend long run - a practice I will need for the upcoming summer when it gets hot and humid. This photo taken in the St. Lawrence Market.
Water levels continue to be high. Parts of the board walk near the Toronto Ferry Dock was closed since water covered the board walk... makes me wonder if the Toronto Islands will be open this summer... and if this is things to come over the years. 
Harbourfront - Paws World

I find this condo cool -- called the "L" condo.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Full/ultra marathon #50 done!!! Niagara Ultra 50 K Photo Race Report

Niagara Ultra 50 K Photo Race Report

* 50th marathon/ultra marathon!
* 6th marathon/ultra marathon in 8 weeks
* looking forward to summer maintenance - next race is Montreal Marathon in late September

-Weather: hot and humid; start of race 20C (with humidity 26C); humidity rose to 36C in the middle to end of race
-5th consecutive year running the 50 K ultra marathon. One of my favourite races.

Start line
We're off!
Rather quickly, the fast runners have dispersed from me
Majority of photos in this race report are to convey the scenic views.
5 K
Lots of shade - helpful especially when the race is often in hot & humid weather conditions

10 K

12 K -- for 1 K, there is uphill incline (best part is coming back for 1 K downhill).
This photo is from the 1 K uphill - scenic!
This is a tough spot - no shade
15 K -- thank you to the wonderful volunteers who have given up their day to support this race -- long hours

Heading to Niagara Falls
Full marathon turnaround 21.1 K

Niagara Falls in the background!
Left - USA falls; Right - Canada falls
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Photo taken after I made the 25 K turnaround. Needed to reach the turnaround at 10:30 AM (3.5 hours) - missed it by a couple of minutes - glad for the downhill to pick up the pace

Horticulture -- great view!
So hot... volunteers asking runners how they are feeling... I didn't feel all that well and with less than 6 hours of sleep, getting tired. After the turnaround from the Niagara Falls, a runner hit her head on the cement wall - going uphill - head wrapped with first aid :-( Not sure if she fell or fainted or heat exhaustion. 

13 K to go -- this race is an out-and-back -- whenever there is an uphill, on the way back downhill, and vice-versa.

5 K to go. Starting at the 10 K and for every 5 K, I had my water bottle filled with either water or Nunn. That means I drank 5 L of fluid during the race. I could not fathom running this race without taking my own water bottle. Oranges, bananas, and the gel squares at the stations. 

2 K to go. 

1 mile to go

Proud little brother, Bud, wearing the finisher's medal.
Black sweatshirt this year
Low number bib
New medal design this year! It's to open a beer bottle - but I don't drink. Nice medal nonetheless. 

Came 2nd last with 9 runners dropping out. Glad I finished as I was worried I would get heat stroke. Didn't feel all that great with 20 K to go -- but with 5 K left,  more shade I am was determined to finish. Glad I did! Slept at 9:30 AM and woke up at 9 AM -- didn't sleep well but glad I got the rest.